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  • Various Official Coaster Crew Merchandise sent with welcome packet
  • Random Surprise mailings including Coaster Crew Merchandise and Various
  • All Offered Discounts associated with Membership, Including park tickets and more!
  • Access to all Coaster Crew Events
  • Access to Park Held events such as, Holiwood Nights at Holiday World & Kings Island's CoasterStock.

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If any Coaster Crew Member is caught or reported breaking any of the following rules their Club Membership will be considered null and void. These following rules are a guideline, and can be adjusted at any time based on any given circumstance and at our discretion. (These rules can be updated at any time without warning.)

1. Follow all posted park rules and regulations.

These rules include, but are not limited to, rules about picture taking on rides, tampering with safety equipment, and line cutting. If you are caught breaking any park rules by the park or the Coaster Crew, you will not only be ejected from the park without a refund, but banned from the club indefinitely. If you are banned from any park regardless of if you are attending an event, your Coaster Crew membership is also considered null and void and you will no longer be welcome at any events we host.

2. Respect all other Coaster Crew members, Park Guests, and Park Staff.

Someone once pointed out to us that the reason they liked the Coaster Crew so much is that everyone was accepted, no matter who the person was we treated them like family. Members must treat park personnel, park patrons, and the general public, representatives of the press and media, and Coaster Crew officials, and other Coaster Crew members with respect and courtesy in communications or interactions at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, in person communications and interactions and those via phone, email, text or chat message, Internet, or social media. Members may be constructive or even critical in their communications and interactions, but always must be respectful.

3. Social Media, Internet, and photography Policy:

All members should be aware that any inappropriate posts made to social media sites directed towards Coaster Crew members or officials could lead to disciplinary action and in extreme cases, civil and criminal liability. All members must take responsibility before posting to the internet, including engaging in blogging or the use of forums, video-sharing or social networking sites. Pictures taken by Coaster Crew staff or attendees during events are taken with the understanding that we reserve the right to use them in any way that we choose without compensation. Members must not display offensive images or make offensive comments, or in any way harass, intimidate, bully, victimize or discriminate against other Coaster crew members.

If you are a member who believes that you are being harassed, bullied or victimized as a result of another member’s post to an internet site, it is open to you to take the necessary action. Staff should contact the President of the Coaster Crew for support and guidance on the informal and formal action which can be taken.

4. We are not a babysitting service.

We love the fact that anyone is able to join the Coaster Crew whether you’re 9 or 90. We also hope you realize that we are not a babysitting service. We will not be responsible for anyone who is under the age of 16. If you are under the age of 16, you will need to be accompanied by a person who is 18 or older. This person will have to be pointed out in formal writing and signed by a parent or guardian in order for them to participate in any Coaster Crew Event.

5. Only active members (and their guest(s)) may attend our events and trips.

You must be an ACTIVE member of The Coaster Crew to attend any events or trips we have planned. If you want to join The Coaster Crew on a trip and you are not a member or your membership has expired, we ask that you make payment and join no later than fourteen (14) business days before the trip occurs. As a member you are allowed to bring up to (3 guests) to any event, as a member of the Coaster Crew you are responsible for your guests including their actions. If a guest is caught violating any rules, the Coaster Crew member and guest(s) will be subject to removal from the club and/or the event at our discretion.

6. General Conduct.

When interacting with representatives of the press or media, members are expected to speak enthusiastically about all parks and roller coasters. While members may have strong opinions about certain parks or roller coasters, they are to avoid negative criticism to representatives of the press or media. Members wearing the Coaster Crew logo, attending Coaster Crew events or identifying themselves as Coaster Crew members should be especially aware that their behavior affects Coaster Crew's reputation. Conduct directly or indirectly threatening or harmful to Coaster Crew, its members, property or reputation; misbehavior at any Coaster Crew event or park; or violation of Coaster Crew’s Terms of Membership is subject to removal of the club at our discretion. Members may not present themselves as a direct representative of the club unless directly directed or asked to do so by a Coaster Crew official.

I've read and agree to abide by the above rules.